Antique, Vintage, Keychoppers, Flippers, oh my!

Okay, so, this is the first “typecast”. Learning curve… I know what I want it to do, but it’s being a (not so kind word). So here it is, as is. Sorry guys, but… I’ll figure this out. I’m blaming the scanner currently and giving me files that even though are JPEG are not editable…

Blog 7.30.14

2 thoughts on “Antique, Vintage, Keychoppers, Flippers, oh my!

    • It actually was the scanner giving out bad files. I switched it over to a different file format and that file format was editable, so their output/version of the JPG wasn’t. It could be opened to preview via the default windows preview, but nothing else… Tried it on several different computers with editing softwares and none of them could open it. 😦

      I’ve used GIMP before, but never really fell in love with it. I’ll give it another go around though. I’m not much of a Photoshop-esque person. After the switch over to the different file format, Paint actually covers the bases quite well. But I’ll give it another try.


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