Where’d It Come From?

Wow, okay. Busy out of no where. No time to type or do anything. Got a WikiChain coming (rather… large) and another typecast. Also working on a math problem that I’m nearly 100% confident has already been done, but I want to do it myself. I’ll post the results for that as well in a new section!

Until then, just putting this up and doing a small non-typecast rant.

Parking Spots

Okay, so… This is a tender issue, but I see it more and more. It’s one of those subjects that people don’t often talk about because it is taboo, improper, &c.

Handicap parking spots. Is it just where I live or is the parking of these individuals horrific beyond all means often taking up the second handicap parking spot next to it? It’s horrible I’m about to say this, but really guys… are you trying to prove you deserve to park in those spots?

Deserve. That’s another thing. My partner and I just came back from the market. What bugs me is this: there was a SUV parked half in the handicap spot, half in the fire zone at a near 45-degree angle to the post indicating the parking spot. We happened to be graced by who owns the vehicle: a perfectly able gentleman carrying flowers that was able to keep pace with us. (We walk rather fast.) Add to this that the parking spot was no where near the front door but instead intended for a medication pick-up/drop-off window built into the wall of the building. This spot is about 30-40 yards from the main entrance. (For those of you who are used to outdoor shooting ranges, imagine the 50-yard shooting line but just a bit less.)

So answer me this: isn’t that abuse of parking privileges? What if a genuinely handicapped person who has to use a walker or a wheelchair or whatever needed that spot? But no, this gentleman decided his bunch of flowers was far more important than someone’s ability to actually get their medications that they might need to manage pain, help with an illness, &c.


Dr. Venn’s Birthday!

Okay, so for the math people out there — which I imagine isn’t very many… sadly — it’s Venn’s birthday! Woohoo! The creator of the Venn diagram that is ever so helpful in understanding Set Theory and other subjects. Happy B-Day Dr. Venn!

Everyone have a great day and be careful out there!

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