News Report

Alright. I’ve been busy… Sorry for the zero posts as of late. So here’s the news.

1) Went to the doctor and found out my cholesterol is too high and too low. 144 for the bad (should be maximally 130, ideally 100) and 33 for the good (ideally 45). The latter, lucky me, is just genetic bad luck. The former, thankfully, can be helped partially due to my age when combined with diet and exercise. Next appointment in November — 3 months time. Let’s get to it, shall we?

2) My partner’s grandfather died, so we’re scrambling to figure out what he can do to at least be with some family. Found a solution, now we’re heading towards it.

3) Writing an article on a fountain pen I just adore. Should be up fairly soon. Just need to take pictures.

4) Going to be doing another restoration project! This one is serious… Recently got a 1958 Smith-Corona Skyriter that needs some tender loving care. Had to bend the ‘M’ typebar back into place, but it works perfectly now. More to come in an article for that — will do this one in segment probably!

5) Due to 1), I am back on my bike and cycling away like mad. 5 days a week for 40 minutes (5 minute warm up, 30 cardio, 5 minute cool down). Diet has changed completely. Already losing fat. Thanking my stars that I used to be a more serious cyclist so my muscles are remembering everything. Goal is 200lbs overall. I’d like to get my fat percent between 10 and 20 percent. Already at 177 lbs of muscle, so… that gives me a fat percent of 11 to 12 percent… a little extreme, but I can try. (Tearing down muscle isn’t something I want to do… but if I have to… ugh…)

6) Y’all are awesome, never forget that. Keep safe n’ sane. Have a great day!

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