I am officially…


Tonsils have been swollen for going on two months. They’ve gotten worse. Thankfully I’ve got an ENT appointment early this week to check out my throat because I can’t swallow something in one go (excluding liquids). This has thrown me a bit off my game, so typewriter projects — which require all of my focus — are on hold.

I will however keep posting things as I recover.

The typewriter is being painted. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, so it’ll be chronicled. I’m doing it mainly because I love this thing too much for it to languish in this ugly brown/olive/whatever gunk they put on it. It has too much history and character! I deserves to be… happy! Haha!

Working on two maths problems — not sure anyone cares about this but since this is an update… One deals with Mongean shuffles and another with primes. The latter has become rather interesting and the results rather unexpected…

Another pen post will be coming up… not sure which one. I’m on a history kick right now it seems so probably will be a set or a singular pen that does have personal history/a story behind it.

Won’t be buying another typewriter until the Skyriter is 100% done. Even then it’s questionable. I’d like to fix up the J5, so that might be the next project.

Anywho, hope you guys are doing better than me! Haha! Have a great day and be safe out there!

6 thoughts on “I am officially…

  1. Damn tonsils! I had mine out when I was six. I’ll be interested to hear about the typewriter paint job. I’ve been toying with the idea of giving my grey Remington Quiet-Riter a vastly different color.
    Now, eat up that ice-cream!


    • I know, right? And I would… if an acid-blocker I take to help with acid reflux didn’t give me a mild intolerance to dairy! Ah, well… popsicles and icees it is then!

      Remington Quiet-Riter, eh? I’ve been meaning to get one. When I got my first typewriter (my mother gave me her J5 to fix first… but it isn’t mine) it was a competition between a Royal, a Remington (Quiet-Riter), and an Olympia SM3. The SM3 won out, but that Remington has always sat in my mind. Might be my next purchase… not sure though.


  2. SM3 is a great machine. The 1946 Royal Quiet De Luxe is my favourite to write with, despite its sometimes erratic ‘word-joining’. The Quiet-Riter is nice too. My only main issue with Remington typewriters is the annoying ribbon set-up with its lack of conventional spools. Still, I haven’t changed the ribbon on my one yet, so I can’t say how messy a job it will be when the time comes.


    • I’ve only one Remington. For it, “universal” spools seem to work fine. I can’t remember what it’s like the change the spools, but I don’t recall having too many issues. I’ll have to check up on it when I get home… twiddling my thumbs at the doctor’s office trying to not have a panic attack, haha!


  3. I keep getting quiet-riters after I sell them. I clearly must be destined to have one. They are great typewriters, and they always feel more substantial than my Olympias of the time. But they don’t seem to type with the same grace. I never feel that they are quite… what I want to be writing on. Yet I can never fault them.


    • It’s amazing how “feel” goes into choosing a typewriter. I think most dismiss typewriters as a whole with the attitude of “if you’ve typed on one, you’ve typed on them all.” It’s incredible how untrue that is. Even if they were set-up and adjusted the same way to have the same down-stroke resistance/pressure, they would all feel different.


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