Remington-Rand History (Graphic)

This is the current mapping of the history of Remington-Rand. There are a few companies that I want to do some more research on to get this to be a more thorough mapping, but as it is, it shows the parents, mergers and acquisitions. It’s unfortunate that the final product (Unisys) is considered a rather “bad” company considering the amount of history behind it. But Rand Kardex did some really shady things… so did Remington-Rand… and Sperry… So I guess it just runs in the family, eh? πŸ˜‰

Remington-Rand History

Remington-Rand History

6 thoughts on “Remington-Rand History (Graphic)

    • The unfortunate side is that that isn’t entirely true. Burroughs was an independent company that merged with Sperry-Rand (later just Sperry) to create Unisys. Sperry, at the time of the merger, had stopped practically all typewriter production and focused entirely upon computer technology development. That alone is an entire story.

      Remington had a slow and rather pathetic death… They were an old-school conglomerate type company with many disjointed, disassociated companies under their umbrella. Once Remington-Rand merged with Sperry Corp, the Remington name was dropped from the company’s name which signaled the end of Remington typewriters. Sperry kept hold of “Rand” until finally tossing that off too, eventually.

      The fortunate side of your comment is that it’s brought to light that I need to work on this graphic a bit more! The program I used is a bit restrictive — either that or I haven’t figured out how to add independent nodes. So thanks for your comment!

      In some ways, your Burroughs can be considered to have Remington lineage in that once they merged they’re one company, but at the time of manufacture, I don’t think Burroughs was under contract from Remington-Rand or vice-versa to make typewriters… I could be entirely wrong on that! So, thanks again, because that’s another research point! πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!


    • Soft spot of mine… WikiChains are deadly for me. The one that generated this graphic /still/ isn’t finished! It’s sitting at 47 nodes including the parent.

      I like the way this is displayed but another comment (by Mark Adams) made me realize that it isn’t entirely clear enough. The program I used is called FreeMind, a “mind mapping” software. It’s a bit constrained in that you can’t add nodes in a free manner — it’s linear rather than abstract. I’m probably going to remake this so it’s more clear and add more information and hyperlinks. Ideally, I’d like to find a free family tree software because, in a sense, that’s exactly what this is.


    • Oh… my… goodness! I didn’t even notice that problem, wow… Okay. I’ll have to work that out. I really like that background. Didn’t notice the comment section was impossible to read because it was an invisible background.

      And thank you as well. πŸ™‚ I’m working on a new and improved version that is a bit more thorough than the current version.


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