Remington-Rand History v2 (NEW and IMPROVED!)

This is where you hear a “sha-wing, sparkle sparkle”. If you don’t, then get your ears checked, please. 😉

This version is decidedly better than the first as it actually shows a lot more. I used a family tree program so you’ll have to pardon the whole “birth” and “death” thing. But here it is! It’s a bit more readable/understandable than the linear mind-mapping.

Remington-Rand History (fixed)

A few notes:

  • The program decided to ignore the fact that Burroughs does have ancestors, two of them in fact: American Arithometer Co. and Burroughs Adding Machine Co. The former was established in 1886 and later renamed — after Burroughs’ death — to the latter in 1904.
  • I used Sperry Rand on purpose. They later reverted back to the use of the simple Sperry Corp., but this was only after jettisoning Remington-Rand Systems and Remington-Rand Machines in 1978. After this Sperry focused entirely on computer development. Prior to this, Sperry Rand did manufacture typewriters.

Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for reading/viewing, have a great day and be safe out there. Oh and for sure, feedback is welcome. If you want more history, I’ll be more than glad to oblige!

(And now if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to sleep now… phew… damn history and it’s addictive nature. Where are those eye drops… I’ll be seeing dates in my dreams…)


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