Dear Bigots…

Today I am having a great day even with all your stares and non-verbal harassment. I kissed my partner at his work. That’s right! You read it. I kissed my partner in public. I figured why not? I spent some time with him on his break to keep him company, so why not kiss him goodbye? I mean, everyone else gets to. Everyone else gets to hold hands and not be stared at by you. Everyone else gets to cuddle on a bench in the park without getting the stare of death from you. Or share a dish at a restaurant without getting the awkward eye from you.

Ohhh… you are awful. So awful, in fact, that it is absolutely delightful. Your awfulness brings to mind a scene from The Muppet Show: (Damn right I said The Muppet Show… you gotta get down to their level, ya know?)

You know, you’re really not very nice. In fact, you’re perfectly awful. You are so awful that it is truly beautiful. Yeah, you’ve probably worked all your life to be perfectly awful. Year after year, just to be as bad as possible. And now, now all of your toil and self-sacrifice has paid off. Yes! You are a success. Yes, you have set yourself a goal and you have achieved it. Oh, you are to be congratulated. Haha! Yeah, you are so awful that it is truly beautiful and in fact you are the perfect example of beautiful awfulness. — Madeline Kahn, The Muppet Show (S02E02)

So, really, you’re nothing but an overhyped, buck-fanged thing that’s all growl and no bite with no real power. And you’re probably frustrated because you know that. 🙂 You’re frustrated because you know very well that no matter what you do, no matter what you say, people like us will just carry on like you don’t exist. Because you don’t. 🙂

Toodles! ~waves~


Love is love, no matter if it is homo- or heterosexual.

8 thoughts on “Dear Bigots…

  1. Some day *they’re* going to be the ones who are harassed for their intolerance. One of the perks of being on the wrong side of history. In the mean time, life could be a lot better, not just for everybody else, but for them too.


    • I’ll whole heartedly agree with that, for sure: *everyone* now a days could use a little help. I just wish that that mentality of helping people would encourage a more friendly environment.


      • Yeah, I can’t claim to be perfect in every matter of equality either. Things have been improving for equal rights as time goes, but in the US it seems like the same amount of decency and kindness has been lost.


      • In a few other countries, they’ve started to follow the US’s past it seems. Some have started to follow the US’s extreme conservative movement and have even been verging on (or flat out implementing) various forms of McCarthyism. 😦

        The nice thing though is the Human Rights Campaign has been scoring big state-side. There was a literal avalanche of events that opened a ton of doors. It was a domino effect. Forgot how many states struck down various anti-LGBT laws. Even an African nation did it too! (I think it was African.)

        Perfection isn’t really possible. 🙂 Judging from your email, you probably know that from the typewriter realm. 🙂 There’s always something that goes wrong in the manufacturing process or a design flaw that doesn’t really become apparent until a few years down the line. The fact you’re able to talk about it calmly, seem open-minded and accepting are all that matter at the end of the day!


  2. Never think twice about what the haters think. The quality of their lives is reduced by their narrow minded point of view. To hate others for loving says a lot about the insecurities that they have about themselves.


    • Yeah, no kidding! 🙂 I honestly don’t understand why it is so hard to understand something like that… I mean, like I said in my post: love is love. I mean, this isn’t just about me — I actually was having a great day — but it just seemed to have happened a few days in a row. Wonder if a some kind of movement is in town…? Normally it isn’t this noticeable.

      Kinda glad I posted that, haha! Yay post therapy! (Best part is it’s free!)


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