The End of a (Surprise) Vacation

Well, my birthday was this past week and I was surprised by my partner with a 9 day vacation. And it was a blast. So… I feel compelled to do the proverbial “post vacation” post.

We honestly didn’t go anywhere for the vacation so it really was a “staycation”. We also didn’t do anything radically amazing on my birthday — hell, not even a party. It was just “us” time… which was freaking epic.

To start things off on the vacation, a friend came down from up north. That was fun all on its own to just hangout, watch movies and hear him ramble on about this, that or the other. (He’s an absolute Transformers nut, so we watched Dark of the Moon, I think it’s called.)

On my birthday, my partner took me to the HMNS Butterfly Center. I adhore the place. Everytime you go, things always look different: different blooms, different butterflies… It was amazingly fun. The time at which we went was also nice: no one was really there and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. The best part? (Beyond the semi-romantic nature of it all…) We had butterflies land on us! Here are some pictures from our trip. (Nokia 1020 for the win… the camera that happens to be a phone. These are actually the lower resolution copies the phone makes automatically.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also in that week, I ended up getting a new pen set!


It was effectively NOS as it had never been used. But let me say… it is an incredible writer. I won’t go more into it because it’s the subject of a later post.

I’ll be getting back into the swing of things here soon. There are 4 posts in the works, so there’s material heading y’all’s way. Typewriters are still on hold… begrudgingly. There are some at antique shops I know, but the prices they’re asking — per usual — are entirely unreasonable per the conditions that they are in. (Excellent example: one is missing the return lever, has rust along the back and typebars, missing the logo on the back in almost its entirety, and no case/cover. They still want damn near $75 for it… with some resources I have I can get 3 for that in much better condition. I have to reiterate what I said in another post: just because it is old, doesn’t mean it is worth something!)

That’s it for now as an update. 🙂 See y’all later! Have a great day and be safe out there!

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