Lessons Learned from Olympia Disassembly

Well, guys n gals, I learned something very important today during the disassembly of the ’56 SM3.

I didn’t go very far in terms of disassembly — just took off the case. But that small amount brought to light something my ’58 does not have that I thought was  standard on nearly all typewriters, especially those of this caliber and maker. Can you guess what it is?

You won’t believe it.

My ’58 is missing all of the interior felt except that on the lid!


I know, right? That explains why the ’56 is so much quieter in one way. I’ll look at the carriage once I get the felt issue fixed. I’m kinda glad it is missing it because now I can do a much more thorough job without the hassle of removing the old stuff.

Anyway, just figured I’d share my shock.


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