The Week As She Stands

Well, guys n’ gals, sorry for no typecast…

Honestly, I’m not sure what the heck has been going on lately. Things seem to be slipping away from me a bit.

On Tuesday, I meant to put up a post about my ideal typewriter. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Tuesday as a whole was okay. The ride was a beast — things are really ramping up. Ended the ride far more exhausted than normal. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, I lost an enormous amount of weight — not water weight. I theorize it was mostly muscle with some fat. Wednesday was a cruise day, so I made it a “repair” day as well. I regained the weight after loading protein and good carbs. I had a few extravagances, so some fat was possibly put back on, but probably not all that much. (I feel like I’m still below 25%.)


Today I couldn’t finish the ride. I started it. Felt fine, ready to tackle this next beast and prepared for some serious discomfort… But not even 20 minutes in, I had to pause. Something felt off.

Rest assured, my heart was fine. Steady per usual! 😀

But something just felt off. I felt more exhausted than usual. And only 18 minutes in, having to take a break? The first 15 minutes of the ride was warm-up. That’s more than enough time to warm up the legs. After that, 20 minutes of “Steady” (zone 3, rpe 5-6). Three minutes into the Steady section, that is where the pause came. I remained on the bike, but just sat up and stopped pedaling.

You’d think after a generous warm-up my legs would be fine… After I restarted, it felt like my legs were stiff — like they didn’t want to move. I pedaled for a bit more, but the exhaustion from pedaling with stiff legs set in quickly and I was sitting up panting, drinking. That was an immediate cue to stop for the day.

Something was definitely off.

I’m hoping my body isn’t reaching burn out, but this is a sign of just that. I may have to watch my diet more and make a concerted effort to really get the nutrients that it requires, but I honestly thought I was doin’ pretty darn fine.

Apparently, that might not be the case.


It’s been raining all bloody week so far. Every day has been “Partly Sunny” or “Intermittent Clouds” with 20% chance and yet… thunderstorm, torrential downpour, sprinkling, drizzling, raining… I’m seriously sick and tired of trying to trust meteorologists. One time, the day had a 10% chance rain and yet my partner and I ended up getting stuck in such a torrential downpour that it flooded. Hail pelted the car — and not the small stuff. And that’s 10% folks… (That is were my old Saturn Ion also earned the nickname Tankie since my partner was able to ford flood waters without stalling out once — he took on stuff pick-ups were turning around at.)

Due to the rain, the Skyriter is crying. What I need to do needs to be done outside. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get a chance of a day that’s not 90%+ humidity.

My story is on hold for now. I’m going to work on it after this is posted though. The last handful of days I’ve been on a Hercule Poirot marathon. There’s 61 episodes on Netflix. Already at the end of season 3. David Suchet does such an amazing job. The writers were marvelous too — how often do they not get credit? The sets, clothing, cars, gah… Makes me want to go get a store credit card and buy a few suits. I’ve been told I pull off a suit quite well — especially since I use fountain pens, typewriters, and wear a fedora without fail. Those summer weight suits look so comfortable and nice…

I’ll leave you guys here. I dunno why I feel like so much stuff is just collapsing upon me all of a sudden. Haven’t felt this way in ages. Kinda giving me that dazed and confused feeling with that haunting sensation of there’s always something that needs to be done.

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


2 thoughts on “The Week As She Stands

    • Yes. I certainly am trying!

      I shall take your advise. The story is approaching the time when it can be typed up. I plan on working on it extensively over the next few days… Figured out exactly how to start this new section. 😀


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