1959 K&K Princess 300

Fri 6-19.1 Fri 6-19.2 Fri 6-19.3P.S.: I really am extremely thankful for X Over It’s support and encouragement for helping get this typewriter up and running again. No doubt he’ll probably be getting another email or two about her! xD


Per request, here is a picture of the fix. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s what is circled in yellow. I’ll get better pictures of the fix and the filed section for the next post.

Eraser Fix

9 thoughts on “1959 K&K Princess 300

  1. Love Little Miss Priss – that’s a neat little typewriter. Would love to see close-ups of your fixes – especially that popped linkage eraser/super glue fix – sounds very MacGyver.


  2. How funny that Agatha Christie helped you! And yes, sometimes I have found no solution other than altering the shape of some part, either by bending (sorry, “forming” is the preferred euphemism) or filing. This is a great typewriter that I hope will become a perfect companion.


  3. I suppose I helped a little bit, but you figured out what the problem actually was!
    I just realized (and this is something I should have earlier) that your Princess has the mainspring in a normal locationโ€”below the the carriage. Mine’s is in the carriage itself, which is certainly an unusual design choice. I didn’t know they changed it later in the model evolution.


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