An Apology and an Excuse

Sorry, y’all. I literally have everything written for that “Tools of the Trade” post, but the photos are going to have to wait. My workspace has been taken over by quilt show submissions. I’ve been tasked with creating the labels for their backs and similar finishing touches. Once that is out of the way — God only know how long that’ll take! — I’ll be able to take Little Miss Priss apart and get some better pictures. (Guess that name is sticking… xD LMS for short, eh?)

Have the ‘big’ doctor appointment tomorrow. The whole annual physical. Should be interesting to see the reaction. I think the last time she saw me, I weighed at least 230.

Did some looking on Writer’s Market off and on today. Still trying to go through 10 pages of results for what consumer magazines might publish my stuff. I’ve only managed to go through 2 or 3 pages and I’ve saved at most 4 or 5 magazines. Each time I started, I began to fall asleep… :-/

Wish I could just paw over my stories to an agent and be like, “Find people who’ll publish this stuff.” But it seems to me that there are no agents that deal specifically (or at all) in short stories. They always just want to handle novellas and/or novels. Inconsiderate pricks, haha! I mean, it isn’t like they’re not going to get paid. Do your job, get me published for money and then you’ll get some of that money. Seems simple enough to me! But maybe I’m missing something? xD

Anyway, back to the embroidery machine.

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


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