“Results May Vary, Side Effects May (Not) Occur”

Well, at least my following is still here. 😀 Nice to see the turn out for the last post.

I think this medication’s ugly side is finally making itself known. Well, at least, I’m starting to recognize it.

Really beginning to wonder if I’ll actually experience a good night’s sleep at this dose.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do sleep. …eventually. But that’s after having to stay up until I’m about to pass out. Prior to that, my legs don’t seem to want to stop needing to be moved. During that, my mind won’t, as they say, “STFU.” I’m starting to get anxiety attacks just from trying to go to bed due me wondering/worrying if I’ll get my partner up all night.

Moods… come and go. Depression… comes and goes. Anxiety… not going away in the least. Aggression… well, if anything, that seems to be getting worse. Snippiness… that falls in line with “Aggression”. Motivation… it’s increased, so there’s a plus. Haven’t gotten on my bike again, but doing things in general.

Really am wondering if this med is doing that much good at all. Sure, sure, it’s keeping me relatively stable, but at what cost?

The follow-up is in two days. I guess we’ll see if it settles in a bit more.

Haha… who knew you’d get anxiety from wondering if a med will work?

Despite having motivation to do things, it’s to experience boredom in unison. Two contradictory feelings (?) coexisting. I believe this mixture is leading to what is actually happening right now: I’m spacing out. Horribly. Actually getting a mild headache.


On a different note, I use a DE (double edge) razor. I used to use a straight razor, but I fell out of using that for one reason or another. I’m ordering more supplies from my supplier (that sounds so wrong!) and with a certain amount ordered, you get a free subscription to “Details” magazine.

I’m familiar with the name, but I couldn’t pinpoint why. So, I look them up and lo-and-behold… Their content is basically heterosexualist and homophobic in nature. Huh…

So, now I’m in a conundrum.

Order my supplies from them, who apparently support this magazine, and just add a note at the bottom telling them to bugger off about it. Or… Not order from them at all due to their association.

This is unfortunate, really. I really like this supplier. Very friendly, though… I must admit their service responses can be a bit haughty and pompous. Screwy people thought that when I said I shaved in the shower, I didn’t use a mirror — even though they themselves sell mirror for this use. :-/


Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,



2 thoughts on ““Results May Vary, Side Effects May (Not) Occur”

  1. Are you sure Details is homophobic? My husband ended up with a subscription to it somehow (some free offer, or at least that’s what he told me, lol). We suspect it is geared toward homosexual men. Of course, we are straight, so we could be off base.


    • Last I checked, it isn’t geared toward homosexual men, really. Men who are into fashion, maybe. Men who are conscious about the way they look, probably. But those characteristics aren’t unique to gay men. 🙂

      Unless they’ve changed their ways, I err on the side of caution. There was a big to-do about an article that was clearly homophobic that should have never been published in the first place about “how to tell if an Asian man is gay” with them saying, in one form or another, “One eats egg rolls while the other takes it General-Tso style.” :-/

      If they have changed things up, then good for them. But, for me, when it comes to magazines that are mass published, one slip up doesn’t mean another won’t happen. It also shows the mentality of those working there.

      I can only hope the maturity level has at least increased a few notches. xD


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