Day 1: Good Start

Weight: 216.4 lbs (98.2 kg)
Ride Time: 1h
Distance: 14.7 mi (~23.7km)

Not bad considering I hadn’t ridden in nearly 2 months. My legs remembered, but my butt had total amnesia. Had to keep adjusting to find the ride position. Once there though, it was comfortable.

Starting from the beginning of the program. I think it’d be suicide to start where I left off. Felt good riding. Feel good post-ride. Relaxing and waiting for the oven to heat up so I can cook up some salmon! 😀

Only have a few doses of Wellbutrin left. I think four, including tomorrow. Nervous, but excited. I really hope this works out.

Looking for some stationary that’s lined that cooperates with the spacing of my typewriters. The Princess has a 1.5 spacing of 6.5mm — and they make stationary that has lines spaced like that. 🙂 Taken a liking to typing on lined paper. Not sure why. Might buy a ream of A/B 5/6 paper and just print my own so I can really customize the line spacing.

Oh! Oven buzzed! ^.^

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


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