Day 2: Food Diary Engage!

Weight: 217.2 lbs (98.5 kg)
Ride Time: 1h15m
Distance: 17.2 mi (~27.7 km)
Food Diary: Entry 1

Okay, I have to admit, I was a bit distraught as to why I gained weight from yesterday. So much so I even checked my fat percent. So, here’s the beginning of a food diary. As you see, it’ll be in the block above and a link so it doesn’t take up much room and totally optional reading. (Thank goodness for that, right? xD) It’ll also be for the previous day.

I’m up quite early today because I need to go shopping for exercise equipment. The work outs need to begin. I’ll also be incorporating a different kind of stretching routine post-workout/ride. The current one is bare minimum.

This time, though, if it works out, will become the norm. Feels a bit weird seeing the sunrise. Wonder if I’ll see that hawk using the birdbath again?

Good grief… thank goodness that is over. After the first 15-20 minutes, I felt like ever few minutes I was staring down at the cyclocomputer watching the time tick down. This is not a good outlook for Saturday’s ride — which is 45 minutes longer.

Had a good post-ride meal though. Salmon steaks (2), broccoli, and (a small ‘cheat’, though on purpose) a square of cornbread. The bread is a direct carb hit that’ll help me from crashing. Instant energy, effectively. The blue liquid is a calorie-free electrolyte mix by Mio. I have to warn you, it’s good. So good, it’s addictive. Usually go 3 or 4 shaker bottles a day of the stuff. Three squirts in a 600mL bottle, fill half full with ice or so, then pour water to underneath the threads. 😀


Anycase… Playing with lined papers and trying to get it just right. There’s a chance I’ll start posting up stuff using a typewriter again. But not sure when… the scanner’s still busted. 😦

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,



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