Day 4: Epic Life Changer

Weight: 214.0 lbs (97.1 kg)
Ride Time: 30m — 3h45m total
Distance: 5.9 mi (9.5 km) — 52.7 mi (84.8 km) total
Food Diary: Entry 3

Yes, indeedy-do, we did have something to celebrate. My partner just got a massive promotion. Like, huge. Big. Gargantuan.

He’s now a full blown manager. 😀 Sounds simple, but someone finally recognized him for his talent and abilities. Someone finally gave him a chance to escape the hell-hole of a company he’s been with for the last 15 years or so. We both were beginning to feel like he was “untouchable” due to the company’s name. But someone came around to his kiosk. For four days the guy kept coming back because each time he’d miss my partner. Until the fifth where my partner got his card and the man said, “I’d like to steal you.”

Want to talk about a compliment? In the business world, that’s only dreamt about, folks. Stuff that’s written about in fanciful happily ever after stories. For it to actually happen?

He was shaking when he was writing his two-week notice. I’ve still got to read it over and give suggestions n’ what-not. We’re both unbelievably shocked, privileged, and… in disbelief? It really hasn’t sunk in.

(Sorry, can you tell I’m proud of him? xD)

I got my new set of binoculars yesterday and I was having a total fan-girl “squeal” moment last night. I wasn’t expecting it, but their quality is good enough and their resolving ability strong enough that you can stargaze quite effectively with them. I was pin-pointing binary stars and star clusters that were otherwise invisible to the naked eye. 😀 This morning, I played with them a bit during the daylight and got some awesome views of an absolutely adorable squirrel drinking from one of the water dishes. Found out also that my camera cooperates with it well enough that I’ll be getting a tripod mount for the binoculars and an adaptor for my phone. 🙂 Expect pictures when that happens!

Vanguard's Spirit ED 8x42 Binocular

Vanguard’s Spirit ED 8×42 Binocular

This ride was one of those ridiculously easy ones. It feels like it takes longer to get dressed and set up than the time you’re on the bike! I’ve begun to term these rides “Form Rides” because they’re so easy going that you immediately notice your form failing so you’re always conscious of it. Obviously, went well. After a good shower, we’ll probably head out to do some things. 🙂

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


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