Day 6: Fight the Lazies!

Weight: 214.8 lbs (97.4 kg)
Ride Time: 1h30m — 7h15m total
Distance: 22.6 mi (~36.4 km) — 106.5 mi (~171.4 km) total
Food Diary: Entry 5

Well, well… the hawk ended up leaving two more feathers after yesterday’s visit. One is very long, but rough. The ‘zippering’ is gone in a few sections. Still beautiful though.

My partner’s off today. I hate cycling on his days off. Fridays, I don’t mind because that’s always a short ride. But Sundays? These are the second longest rides of the week. Granted, only cruising, so nothing really difficult, but just a lot of time missed. When he starts working his new job, I might see if he can get Monday/Friday off. That’ll interconnect nicely. 🙂 (We don’t do the whole weekend thing.)

Not too surprisingly, I’m tired today. I’m sure I slept at least 8 hours. Heck, even slept in, really. Hoping breakfast will fill the energy stores. Yawning.

Okay. Refreshing combo? Lady Grey + Earl Grey. (Twinnings for both.) Brew in one cup boiled water for 4 minutes. (Use a 2 cup measuring beaker.) Add 2 Stevia then fill with ice to the 2 cup line. Stir until ice stops melting. Pour out tea (leaving ice behind) into a separate glass. Epicness.

Me thinks I’ll start a bird diary. The little cute finches are back. They’ve been MIA for the last 2-3 days. Wondering if there is a cycle. Avians are creatures of habit.

We’ll see if the flocks return. So far, I’ve seen maybe 4-5. Three at once on the lower feeder. Normally, the flocks are in 10-15.

Doves are fairly consistent. They seem to respect that the feeders are for the finches so they just ground feed off of whatever has been knocked onto the ground. They’re sneaky little buggers though. One feeder, they problem solved. They figured out that they could knock the feed out. One would sit on the hook above the rest on the ground. Every once in a while, that one would attempt to land on top of the feeder. The result was shaking it and sending feed everywhere. Was fun to see their strategy develop. This new(er) feeder isn’t nearly as easy since there is a more solid lip holding the feed in. The second feeder is a dedicated finch one with 6 perches for the little guys. Haven’t seen all 6 being used at once, but 4 or 5.

There’s a cute squirrel who is frequenting our yard now too.

I think I might splurge and just get that lens. Telling you guys all this and not being able to show you is torturous. xD

Now that’s over… Went pretty well. Again, started to get tough toward the end. I definitely lost some mph in the last 15-20 minutes or so.

Watched Disney’s original Fantasia while cycling since it’s over 2 hours long. Forgot how good it is. 😀 Being classically trained, I found myself humming along to the music even when, at times, I couldn’t hear it or conducting with one of my paws. xD

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


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