Okay, day going fine and dandy until we get home from getting new phones.

Do not click to see the rest unless you are stout of heart. I’ve never left this kind of warning before, so yeah… it’s bad. You’ve been warned. No holds barred.

Fuck. Android.

I don’t know what was going through my head when I did this. I don’t. It’s utterly painful to use and operate. Nothing makes sense.

  1. You’re forced to make a Google account. I’ll never use it. Ever. I don’t like their services. They’re exploitative at best. Just another account floating around with an email. Great. Dandy…
  2. OneDrive has half the functionality it should. This is directly due to stupid, egotism between Microsoft and Google. Guys, your dicks are the same size, get over it.
    1. The Gallery App completely ignores any and all folder hierarchy of OneDrive. Maybe they enjoy not being organized, but I do.
    2. Android will allow me to use Calendar settings (appointments, etc) from OneDrive, save stuff to it (like taking a picture) and the such. But it won’t let me back up to it. What. The. Hell. Seriously guys?
  3. Gallery App seems incapable of doing a basic function such as selecting multiple things to delete. If the first Windows and Mac computers could do that, I’d expect a modern phone OS to be able to. But I guess not. You’ve got to select each photo individually and long-hold each and every time. -.-
  4. Email app doesn’t remove notification(s) even after you check it. It’ll stare at you and constantly tell you you’ve got mail even though you’ve already clicked it to check it. It will only go away if you read it. Clearly it thinks we’re forgetful. (With my 1020, you open the app and the notification disappears, regardless if you actually read it or not.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Go get apps that fix the problems.” THAT ISN’T THE POINT! You shouldn’t have to go out to add shit to fix something that should work correctly out of the box. My 1020? Bones. I have not installed anything extra on it beside games. That’s it. That’s how well it works. HELL! I even UNINSTALLED stuff! At least you can with a Windows Phone.

I am so going back tomorrow, returning this useless POS $300 brick, getting my money back (that I can spend elsewhere!) and just getting a SIM put in my 1020. Just… fuck this shit… -sighs-

For reference, this is a LG G Stylo. I wanted the G3 or G4, but we were trying to keep costs down. Glad I never went that route because then I would have wasted even more money.

How people can use these phones I’ll never understand. I started out on an Android and rejoiced when I got the 1020. It just functions so much better. It’s actually feels finished and not this amorphous blob of apps glued together by over zealous coders wanting to make a buck.


On the good side… A package is coming tomorrow… New flash w/ bounce dome, 2 batteries, 2 CF cards, camera sling, battery case… lots of functional goodies. At least I have something else to look forward to besides the anxiety of trying to return this… thing.

Sorry for the horrific post. I’m just… Really…

I need to go take pictures…

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


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