Day 2: Food Diary Engage!

Weight: 217.2 lbs (98.5 kg)
Ride Time: 1h15m
Distance: 17.2 mi (~27.7 km)
Food Diary: Entry 1

Okay, I have to admit, I was a bit distraught as to why I gained weight from yesterday. So much so I even checked my fat percent. So, here’s the beginning of a food diary. As you see, it’ll be in the block above and a link so it doesn’t take up much room and totally optional reading. (Thank goodness for that, right? xD) It’ll also be for the previous day.

I’m up quite early today because I need to go shopping for exercise equipment. The work outs need to begin. I’ll also be incorporating a different kind of stretching routine post-workout/ride. The current one is bare minimum.

This time, though, if it works out, will become the norm. Feels a bit weird seeing the sunrise. Wonder if I’ll see that hawk using the birdbath again?

Good grief… thank goodness that is over. After the first 15-20 minutes, I felt like ever few minutes I was staring down at the cyclocomputer watching the time tick down. This is not a good outlook for Saturday’s ride — which is 45 minutes longer.

Had a good post-ride meal though. Salmon steaks (2), broccoli, and (a small ‘cheat’, though on purpose) a square of cornbread. The bread is a direct carb hit that’ll help me from crashing. Instant energy, effectively. The blue liquid is a calorie-free electrolyte mix by Mio. I have to warn you, it’s good. So good, it’s addictive. Usually go 3 or 4 shaker bottles a day of the stuff. Three squirts in a 600mL bottle, fill half full with ice or so, then pour water to underneath the threads. 😀


Anycase… Playing with lined papers and trying to get it just right. There’s a chance I’ll start posting up stuff using a typewriter again. But not sure when… the scanner’s still busted. 😦

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,



Day 1: Good Start

Weight: 216.4 lbs (98.2 kg)
Ride Time: 1h
Distance: 14.7 mi (~23.7km)

Not bad considering I hadn’t ridden in nearly 2 months. My legs remembered, but my butt had total amnesia. Had to keep adjusting to find the ride position. Once there though, it was comfortable.

Starting from the beginning of the program. I think it’d be suicide to start where I left off. Felt good riding. Feel good post-ride. Relaxing and waiting for the oven to heat up so I can cook up some salmon! 😀

Only have a few doses of Wellbutrin left. I think four, including tomorrow. Nervous, but excited. I really hope this works out.

Looking for some stationary that’s lined that cooperates with the spacing of my typewriters. The Princess has a 1.5 spacing of 6.5mm — and they make stationary that has lines spaced like that. 🙂 Taken a liking to typing on lined paper. Not sure why. Might buy a ream of A/B 5/6 paper and just print my own so I can really customize the line spacing.

Oh! Oven buzzed! ^.^

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


Weekly Update

Okay, yeah. In short: these last weeks (months?) has been a nightmare. But moving on. I’ve told my psychiatrist to bugger off and I’m weaning off of the Wellbutrin. Going to set up regular appointments with my old psychologist to see if just talking will help. The guy that I thought was helping just decided to all-out ignore a major issue (anxiety/stress) and focus on the major depression diagnosis.


That’s the past.

On to the update.

I haven’t been cycling. Though, I suppose that might have been obvious with the above statement and the absence of posts. On the whole, nothing really hasn’t happened except I’ve found out I greatly (greatly!) love birding. Just ordered my first pair of binoculars not but a few minutes ago. 😀

I’ve also found out I’ve developed an intolerance/allergy to lactose. The most interesting side-effect that cued us to this is a runny nose after having something with dairy in it. Straight cheese? Runny nose. Straight milk? Runny nose. Greek yogurt? Takes a bit, but runny nose. I had Kefir today which is 99% lactose free as part of my breakfast. Still no signs of issues or sniffling. No lactose intake so far today and I’m fine.

On the whole, I’ve been able to maintain through the lack of cycling. I’ve gained back a few of the pounds, as you might notice in the break down to follow, but the overall composition has remained the same. 😀

Weight: 218.4 lbs
Fat Percentage: 24.1%
Ratio (Muscle:Fat): 3.15 to 1

My goal has remained the same: get down to 10-15% fat. With how it stands currently…

Muscle: 165.8 lbs
10-15% Range: 182.4 – 190.7 lbs
Loss Range: 27.7 – 36 lbs

I’m going to aim right in the middle at 12.5% which would give a loss goal of 31.9 pounds come the end of the period. The period is the same at 12 weeks, or 3 months. This is the inspiring bit… In 12 weeks, there are 84 days. Each day, I’d only have to lose just over a third of a single pound of fat! Over the course of a week, the goal would be 2.7 pounds. Well within healthy bounds. 😀

Let’s hope I can keep up with it this time.

Feel like I’ve got to build up over time… Still no scanner. Typewriters in pieces still. I’m not kidding when I say these last weeks have been utter shit. Dunno where the time went. Only just today did I take out a typewriter again and fiddle with it for a bit. So… slowly starting to feel better again.

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


Predictions Come True

Well, it seems as though I was right.

Southpaw, the gloss Olympia SM3, is out of commission. When I was typing yesterday, I noticed she felt off. I’ll have to tend to her. I couldn’t even get through typing out today’s date in the corner: Thu 6-11. The ‘L’ key sticks. I guess out comes the mineral oil, metal cleaner, and compressed air, aye? I’ll clean the rest of her up in the process. She deserves it. 😀

In the mean time, I thought I could use the SM3 that I bought for parts. Well, come to find out, I hadn’t cleaned him up! The typeface is clogged in all the usual spots and it needs some TLC in some places as well. Guess I had just used him as a model to take apart and put back together… So, now I have 2 SM3’s to tend to over the next few days!

Add to it that one Skyriter is in parts, still, and I possess no Skyriter ribbons?

I am lacking very much, currently, in terms of planning in the typewriter department!

Speaking of the Skyriter in parts. The weather has taken a better turn — at least for now. I may try to finish up the darn thing between today and Saturday or so. It just needs a few more things and then it’ll be done. I’ll buy a few Skyriter ribbons too!

Anycase, this isn’t what I wanted to talk about today.

I’ve come to the conclusion that until I’ve figured out my diet, I’m not going to proceed with the more hardcore weeks. This throws off a lot of things — timing especially — but I am very worried about continuously losing muscle. That simply isn’t good. I will continue to cycle, but I’ll continue to do so at the intensity of week 6, which is an upped ‘rest’ week.

My diet is all kinds of messed up. It is perfectly fine, yes. But in terms of keeping/maintaining or aiding in the growth of muscle? Forget about it. It works as fuel and little more. And that could be the reason why I’m having issues on the bike recently.

This morning, I woke up at 6:44, 7:2-, then 8:2-. That last time I got up, but honestly I feel like I could have fallen right back to sleep. I did zero cycling yesterday so to me that it is a huge red flag that something’s up.

I put some weight back on, so I need to be careful… I don’t know if it is muscle or fat since I don’t do the fat analyzer until Monday. I’m going to keep to that.

Off and on, my calves hurt yesterday too…

Shakes are an easy way out, but I might take it for now.

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


P.S. I need to update my typewriter database profile… Some of the typewriters I’ve owned aren’t on there. I’ll get pictures up at least then, once the ribbon(s) come in, type samples. What is missing are the new SM3, the old Skyriter I no longer own, and the 2 new Skyriters. Once the Princess arrives, that’ll need to go on too. Good grief… Haha! Just a bit behind…