Being Told Who/What You Are/Aren’t

This is an utterly lovely experience, isn’t it? You being told who or what you are or aren’t by someone else who, clearly, must know you better than yourself.

Often times, I find this crime against humanity is perpetrated by a class of citizens — if these mangy mongrel pups can be called such — known at hypocrites. Now, I say “class” because they are a group unto their own. They have their own set of rules that they follow which society at large does not and have logic which is egregiously erroneous at all turns.

Their strict adherence to their codified falsehoods presents them with every opportunity to demean others — even their own kind. Often their attack begins with something that, at their peak of brilliance, contradicts something within themselves. In other words, they say someone is something in a way that implies that they themselves are not when in fact they are.

Their prudish behavior is based upon human psychology,  though I will never give them the benefit of the doubt that they know what they are doing. Their aggressions are timed in such a way that the victim is left in a state of mental unrest and therefore incapable of adequately clear thought. Their victim, then, plummets into a state of agitation once the realization has been made that what has occurred is contradictory in nature. That agitation then throws the victim back into the fog of mental unrest but with the added ‘benefit’ of cyclical, vengeful disdain.

Ultimately, the reason behind their actions is to bring unto themselves a state of euphoria.

In times of an attack, there is little a person can do beside remain weary and conscious of efforts of these kinds of things. But that would be tiresome and, I would imagine, lead to some degree of paranoia. The favored reaction is the anti-reaction.

This anti-reaction is one that the hypocrite does not anticipate and is not allowed within their codex. They do not know how to handle such a reaction and thus causes them to become confused. Then within that confusion, they are open to a counter attack.

They do not expect acceptance of their accusations.

Now, of course, such acceptance is dangerous as then the victim must have irrefutable evidence as their, shall we say, ‘ace up their sleeve’. However, with this evidence in hand, the victim may fain — bluff — in an effort to unmask the gruesome, grotesque hyena behind the guise of a fellow human being.

If the counter attack is successful, the outcome is often in the form of a stage comedy where the hypocrite sudden lets loose a barrage of practiced and/or improved excuses, reasons, or otherwise theoretical facts that show that they are not part of this infamous class of individual.

Today, I was assaulted by such an individual. I was accused of “not even trying.” This statement, at its base, is so far from the truth that it is hilarious. I won’t go into the details, but I will just say that their attempts were fruitless and through their attempts to cover up their failure, this individual’s class-nature came through: to smooth it over by shows of friendliness.

Ay, mis amigos, do not let yourselves fall into these creatures grasps! For each and every one of you are far better than these villanos intocables.

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


P.S.: There will be a rather large update soon in regards to the Princess 300 that I ended up doing a ton of work on. I ended up getting help from a fellow typist that y’all might know. 😀