My Dearest Readers

I will be taking a short/small break from technology.

It will last until Monday (when I post up the Weekly Update) then continue until the story is finished — my guess is Wed or Thu of this coming week.

The motive behind this is that… well, it’s actually hard to explain.

A small story then…

A year back now, maybe two, I ran an experiment. This was before I had started taking Wellbutrin or the like but I’m not sure if it is before or after being hospitalized due to my heart. The purpose of the experiment was to establish something: does technology provide a catalyst that encourages or otherwise brings about negative side-effects?

During this experiment, I went without TV. I did not use a computer either. However, I made the allowance of my smart phone. TV was replaced with books and during the experiment that lasted… oh, at least a few weeks to maybe a month or two (can’t remember definitely), I just utterly devoured scores of books. I remember starting one and nearly finishing it the same day. Most research was done via the small library I had at the time, rather than using Wikipedia or Google.

What the experiment provided was precious data that showed conclusively in the affirmative that technology did, in fact, provide that catalyst. As the experiment went on, I became more active and attentive. My mood became uplifted and motivation returned. Overall, it was a startling difference between the start ‘personality’ and the end personality.

A key result that the experiment did not provide was why does technology do this to me. The most obvious conclusion is simply input overload. But I’m not entirely sure if that is 100% the answer. This is something that I continue to ponder.

So, I hope you’ll understand better now why I’m stepping away from all this stuff. I’m honestly tired of it. I can feel it. Technology  (modern) is tiresome and boring. And along with fast cars, I’ll never understand the drive to have the latest and greatest.

Oh! how I long for the days of letters again. The days when people actually knew how to write their names and practiced penmanship. The days when people actually knew what penmanship is! When people knew how to write letters instead of sloppy emails with no salutations or closings. When people knew how to actually use this thing called a vocabulary. Wen ppl didn’t uz abbrvs 4 evrtng! Are we truly evolving or simply degrading into a lazy masses of blood and flesh?

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,