Busy, Busy

So… I’ve filed to register a company.

I’m starting a photography company. Notice, I didn’t say “studio”. I have my reasons for that, but… I won’t get into them now.

The forms were filed a few days ago. I’ve begun to do more research and acquire more equipment that’ll allow me to really work at a higher level. Focusing on flash photography right now. The art of creating light and melding it for one’s uses. For this, it seems like it really does depend up on the modifiers you’ve got.

I’ve a domain name, working on a portfolio to put up online. I’ll post that stuff up here once it’s done. That alone has some tidbits that need attention on a different level.

I need to file a trademark for my logo too. It, in theory, is being designed by a friend. If that doesn’t come through, I’ll just use something I found and just modify it to my needs.

Nervous. Anxious. Giddy. Stressed. Numb.

Still can’t believe I’m doing this. It’s almost like I’m auto-pilot. I just read two books on photography in a week. Not exactly casual reading… Finished a flash photography book today and a specialist book on my camera body the other day. (Both good reads.) I’ve a pawful of other books I want to read too. I’ve two models (one being my partner!) lined up to help me experiment. I might have 3 more sitting next door and 4 or 5 more on the other side. Maybe 2 more in the front house. *chuckles* I might have clients in this neighborhood as it stands… Who knows?

In terms of the business side… I’ve set myself an average limit of $5000 to get started. So far, I’m a good $1800 below, but that’s going to be shot once I purchase more equipment. Realistically, it’s going to be closer to $6000. If I hit $7500, I’m screwed.┬áThat is my absolute maximum.

I did a rough business plan in my head and that maximum should never be breached. I should get everything I need within that. Everything.

I’ve yet to really focus on how much my rates will be. I’ll have to offer incentives to sugarcoat whatever cost I come up with. Which, for me, isn’t necessarily an incentive, but a courtesy — a default.

If I remake my start-up cost within a year, I should be 100% okay. If I make profits within the first year, I’m golden… If we just assume that one goal and not anything to live off of, then I’d have to make $7500 in the working year. The working year is probably going to end up being 265 days once you include sick days, vacation, etc. (In reality, it’ll probably end up being closer to 300 or more since my vacations and days off will sync with my partner.) Just divide and we’d get $28.30 base — assuming a job each of those days (265).

Psychologically, I’m such on auto-pilot, I’m almost going philosophical about it. Like, “It’s meant to be.” Yet, I’m so numb that if it does go bad, I won’t be crush or hurt.

Even as I sit here, I can see photos in my head of how I want this first job to look. This first job is key. I have to impress. I have to get them talking about me. I cannot afford — financially or otherwise — to screw this first one up.

This has to be the right thing. It has to be. It’s flowing. It’s even not perfect. It has the rough spots mixed in with those shining moments of perfect. This has to be what I’m supposed to be doing.


Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,