Skyriter Update & Forthcoming Articles

Tue 5-12


Our cat Maze. Figured y’all could use some cuteness. This is her asleep in her tower enjoying whatever sun beams there might be on this rainy, cloudy day.


House Husbandry Rants and Skyriter Work

(Sorry for the tons of typos. I was typing standing up and moving back and forth between doing this. Normally not that bad!)

Sun 5-10

May I Introduce…

Wed 5-06

UPDATE: I’ve actually done some work on this today, off and on. The platen is recovered and conditioned. The typebars, -heads, and -faces are cleaned. The margin sets are cleaned and polished, along with their bar. The paper rest is fully functional and unbent — along with the name plate. Miscellaneous things have been cleaned as well.

Just chugging along and enjoying my time with this. I’m learning new things this time around and using different techniques. Thankfully the new things are good and the techniques are giving excellent results.

Frankly, I’m really proud of the unbent paper rest. Such a simple thing, but for some reason, I have an inkling people would consider that part “dead”.