Calling Help from Other Typists/Typewriter Collectors!

Guys. Gals. I do have a typecast coming, but this has been bothering me to no end…

I need help.

I’m looking for a typewriter.

But this typewriter has… requirements.

First it must have a fairly durable case. Secondly, the typewriter’s base cannot be part of the case! Thirdly, the form needs to be of the ultra portable school — think Smith-Corona Skyriter, Hermes Rocket & Baby, Olympia Traveller, etc. Fourth — and this is the biggest, most important one — it must have a tabulator. I love Skyriters to death, but the lack of a tabulator destroys their enjoyment for me. Though I can’t be picky, I’d prefer the tabulator that allows a tab at each space instead of setting it at the back with a limit of 5-6.

QWERTY preferred, DVORAK acceptable. English alphabet preferred, Spanish acceptable — a little awkward, but acceptable. Colors… nothing on the dark side, preferred. Size 10 font preferred, size 12 acceptable. Font face, totally neutral — the more fun the better, the more uncommon the better… though script and italic I’m hesitant about.

What I have effectively described to you is my literal ideal typewriter, folks. I kid you not. This typewriter would be the end-all-be-all in terms of usage. My poor SM3 would be regulated to nostalgia lane, probably.

My guess is such a heavenly thing doesn’t exist. I’m prepared for that answer. And honestly expect it.

If y’all have any suggestions, leave a comment.

There is a typecast being posted at 20:00 UTC-6. Hope y’all enjoy. Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,