House Husbandry Rants and Skyriter Work

(Sorry for the tons of typos. I was typing standing up and moving back and forth between doing this. Normally not that bad!)

Sun 5-10

6 thoughts on “House Husbandry Rants and Skyriter Work

  1. Nice to know there’s somebody else out there in the world doing the house-husband thang while trying to write. Although, my creative writing (screenplays) has taken a backseat to my studies and my job-hunting for the time being. I’ll get back to it one day. Hopefully soon. Best of luck with the cycling, weight loss, and housework. And the Skyriter!


    • Screenplays, aye? That’s pretty neat stuff. Tried my paw at being a playwright (film scripts aren’t too friendly with me) and actually finished one. Was a long time ago, though. (High school!)

      You should try to put some time aside to storyboard stuff. Don’t write. Just storyboard. Carry around a notebook so you have easy access to jot things down, if you don’t already. I prefer lined and grid lined — and honestly, gridded over lined because I can make neat and tidy “note” boxes for plot ideas or character notes to make the story more synchronous.

      I hope your studies are/will go well. That stuff ain’t easy! Thanks and best of luck to you too! 😀


  2. Oh, I carry pen and paper wherever I go. As for storyboards, I don’t tend to do them too often. I can get a little side-tracked if I spend too long worrying about how a scene should look. A packet of 3×5 index cards comes in very handy at times, though. That plus a pinboard and I can generally plot out each Act.


    • If you haven’t heard of it already, may I suggest Scrivener? It is a digital version of a storyboard. 😀 Extremely nice program. Does a lot. Their demo is a legit demo too, not some reduced function BS that other makers have. I think it’s 30 days still as well. 🙂


  3. Yeah, I know about Scrivener, but I thought it was primarily for fiction and novel writing. I have two screenwriting software apps loaded on my laptop, so I certainly have enough to use. When I get around to actually using them, that is.


    • Scrivener can be used for almost anything because of its flexibility. I’ve tried other programs, but none of them fit Scrivener’s capability — at least in my opinion. A lot of them seem to have some features that work in sync with how I work, but Scrivener matched up seamlessly into my workflow.

      Hopefully you’ll be able to set some time aside to do some writing! 😀


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