1959 K&K Princess 300

Fri 6-19.1 Fri 6-19.2 Fri 6-19.3P.S.: I really am extremely thankful for X Over It’s support and encouragement for helping get this typewriter up and running again. No doubt he’ll probably be getting another email or two about her! xD


Per request, here is a picture of the fix. ­čÖé It’s what is circled in yellow. I’ll get better pictures of the fix and the filed section for the next post.

Eraser Fix

Calling Help from Other Typists/Typewriter Collectors!

Guys. Gals. I do have a typecast coming, but this has been bothering me to no end…

I need help.

I’m looking for a typewriter.

But this typewriter has… requirements.

First it must have a fairly durable case. Secondly, the typewriter’s base cannot be part of the case! Thirdly, the form┬áneeds┬áto be of┬áthe ultra portable school — think Smith-Corona Skyriter, Hermes Rocket & Baby, Olympia Traveller, etc. Fourth — and this is the biggest, most important one — it must have a tabulator. I love Skyriters to death, but the lack of a tabulator destroys their enjoyment for me. Though I can’t be picky, I’d prefer the tabulator that allows a tab at each space instead of setting it at the back with a limit of 5-6.

QWERTY preferred, DVORAK acceptable. English alphabet preferred, Spanish acceptable — a little awkward, but acceptable. Colors… nothing on the dark side, preferred. Size 10 font preferred, size 12 acceptable. Font face, totally neutral — the more fun the better, the more uncommon the better… though script and italic I’m hesitant about.

What I have effectively described to you is my literal ideal typewriter, folks. I kid you not. This typewriter would be the end-all-be-all in terms of usage. My poor SM3 would be regulated to nostalgia lane, probably.

My guess is such a heavenly thing doesn’t exist. I’m prepared for that answer. And honestly expect it.

If y’all have any suggestions, leave a comment.

There is a typecast being posted at 20:00 UTC-6. Hope y’all enjoy. Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


Skyriter Update & Forthcoming Articles

Tue 5-12


Our cat Maze. Figured y’all could use some cuteness. This is her asleep in her tower enjoying whatever sun beams there might be on this rainy, cloudy day.