Site Organization and Layout Update/Overhaul

Alright guys…

This site needs some loving so I may be doing a lot of work on it when I can sit down and really sink my teeth into it. There are a lot of things that I wish were here to make things just… better organized.

I had totally forgotten that the blog is one long, long page! That is like a huge no-no for any web designer/page. That’s going to change. I’ll be adding a lot of actual pages to organize things and keep the posts on the front page to a minimum (my thought is up to 5 or 6).

My hope is these changes will be easier for you, the reader, to enjoy this site. It’ll be a bit more work on my part, but with the uptick in people reading this blog (thanks guys n’ gals!), I should do my part as well.

In the mean time, thank you all very much for reading, the follows, and likes.

Until later, be safe and enjoy y’all’s days,


A Move and an Update

Hey guys! Sorry for the very long break but I just haven’t had the time. The reason? Well… ah, that’s where the second blog comes in. I’ve realized that this blog has gotten far too off track from its original intent and purpose (typewriters and fountain pens) with tons of more personal rants and posts. That isn’t what I wanted and it just kind of happened. (Admittedly, it has helped me a lot personally seeing the awesome support I’ve gotten from some of the more genuinely personal ones, so many thanks to you.)

So! There is a second blog going up if y’all want to follow the personal stuff as it comes to mind. Once it goes public, it’ll be here: Captured Core.

I’ll be keeping the original personal posts on this one instead of migrating them mainly because I am not sure if comments will follow. Hopefully this separation will get this blog back on track! I’ve literally got a handful of drafts for fountain pens going here but… well, you’ll see on the second blog why I’ve been distracted. Distracted has negative connotations… so, that probably isn’t the best word to use. But I’ll use it anyway since, in a way, it is accurate. Just remove the negative presumptions. 🙂

Anyway, hope y’all have a great day and be safe out there! 🙂

P.S. I should get more regular for posting up articles here again. Most likely post days will be Wed/Sun — if you read the post on Captured Core, you’ll understand why. 🙂